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Final Fantasy VIII Midis

These are as many Final Fantasy VIII midis as I can find so far. I think a few are missing that I need so send in if you have a remix or a FF8 tune not here please! (E-mail is at the bottom). You can download a zip file of all songs listed below if you prefer. ^_^

Battle Theme
Battle Theme (2)
Dream Sequence Battle Theme
Dream Sequence Battle Theme (2)
Julia's Piano Solo
Odeka de Chocobo
Waltz for the Moon
A Sacrifice
Balamb Garden
Blue Fields (Overworld Theme)
Love Grows
Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
Premonition (Ultimecia First Form Fight)
Ride On!
Roses and Wine
Shuffle or Boogie
Timber Owls
Under Her Control
Where I Belong
Battle Theme (3)
Extreme (True Ultimecia Fight)
Waltz for the Moon (2)
Find Your Way
Julia's Piano Solo (2)
Roses and Wine (2)
Laguna's Red Dragon Fight!
Julia's Theme (Roses and Wine)
Maybe I'm a Lion
Download all files in zip. format.