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Welcome to Forgotten Fantasy!


30/3/03 - I finally got off my lazy backside and added all of the Anmiated Gifs sections! Well, I've just been busy on my blog Hazy Reflections so that's why I haven't updated. ^_^

9/3/03 - Added 2 Final Fantasy X avatars. Uhm, I worked out how to make animated avaters and brush sets in PSP7!! I won't be putting up my brush sets however as they'll take up too much memory. ^_^ I'm debating whether or not to add artwork, there doesn't seem much point as there are zillions of FF sites that have it up. I think I'm gonna start using PSP7 to make original FF stuff to put up. ^_^

4/3/03 - Done 9 and 10 midis. Trying to do avatars but Paint Shop Pro 7 is new to me and very annoying!

3/3/03 - Added a working jukebox which didn't take long because I'd used one on a previous FF site, try it out! I'm going to proceed with the artwork and animated gifs soon, just a bit tight for time. Avatars are a long way away yet! Tonight I've done the 7 and 8 midi sections. 9 and 10 will be following shortly!

27/2/03 - Added IX and X Screenshots. Might start on the animated gifs or artwork next.

25/2/03 - This morning I started the screenshots sections. Most of the work was offline optimizing since images take up memory and bandwidth very quickly unless you optimize. So, done some screenshots for FF7 and 8. But more will keep getting added. School now. X_X

24/2/03 - Added all Ringtones sections. More sections coming soon! Switched from GeoCities to Tripod, the popup ads are better than site embedded ads when using Iframes. There's only one popup and there's 5MB more with the free Tripod account. ^_^ Layout complications almost done. Made sure it worked in 800x600 too, but it works best in 1024x768. Uhm, decided which sections I'm bringing forward from a past site. I will probably be putting:

If you'd like anything else to be put up, or you'd like to submit any of you work to me (whatever it is!) then I'll be happy to listen/receive.
This is a small, new site, so any advice or offerings would be much appreciated. ^_^

Please E-mail me about anything regarding this site. FF related submissions advice etc. Thanks!